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Disinfection Services in Coimbatore | Sanitizing Services in Coimbatore
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Disinfection Services in Coimbatore

(HERE WE ARE !! TO PROTECT YOU, now at your end..)
Stay Safe - Be Safe - Super Safe
No-Rinse Sanitizer And Hard Surface Disinfectant

  • Here!!! Is an solution for your Interiors to keep safe from Viral Load especially from Covid-19.
  • The Solution that we use to disinfect is approved by USDA, Registered by EPA and Certified by Kosher.
  • Can be done in Offices, Factories, Apartments, Shopping malls, Banks, Small shops, Saloons, Showrooms etc....


We use Hi-Tech machines and trigger sprayers. Machines are also available for sales. Disinfection can be done day by day, as approved by the company. In some cases It can be disinfected weekly once or 15days once.

Per sqft charges upto 1000 sqft = Rs.2

Per sqft charges from 1000 sqft to 5000 sqft = Rs.1

Per sqft charges from 5000 & above = 80 paise





Grocery Shop





  • Non –Flammable,Non- Corrosive,Neutral pH
  • 10 Minutes contact time
  • Kills 99.999% germs
  • Decreases the viral load that can be kept disinfected till the next Action of spray.

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