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Solar On Grid Power System - Solar Photovoltaic System - Excess India

On Grid Solar Power System

Industrial Solar Power Plant

On Grid Solar Power Pack - Industrial Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Power Plant

On Grid Solar Power Pack - Commercial Solar Solution

Domestic Solar Power Plant

On Grid Solar Power Pack - Domestic Solar Solution

Benefits of On Grid Solar Power System

Concept to Revenue

  • Provide tailor made solutions suiting customer needs taking into account Quality as the primary objective from design stage to commissioning
  • Technical Feasibility commercial arrangement and Government approvals

  • Defined timeline for execution for projects

  • To achieve win-win proposition for both Client and EXCESS
  • Design for resource optimization and fast execution

  • To deliver as per project charter to achieve desired results
  • Constant monitoring of performance – Feedback and Improvement

  • To achieve revenue and savings for customer as per projections.
  • Options for Solar

    On Grid Solar Power Solution

    Advantages of Solar PV

    • Reduces the land requirements for installation.
    • Power generation on local levelreduces the infrastructure costs.
    • Help to reduce carbon footprint and pollution caused due to conventional power generation

    Advantages of Rooftop Solar Plant

    • Power Generation at lower cost
    • Reduce the dependency/demand on state grid power
    • Parallel op with Generator possible to reduce diesel consumption.
    • Utilizing roof space for installation thereby saving on land cost.
    • Utilizing generated power by connecting to the LT side during generation.

    Modes of Investment

    Option 1: OPEX

    Option 2: CAPEX

    Option 3: CAPEX with Loan with a tenure of 4 – 5 years can be done on a consultancy basis by Excess (ERTPL)

    Basic documents required for assessment:


    Capex - On Grid Solar System

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