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Dock Levellers

We offers a complete line of Air-Powered, Hydraulic and Mechanical dock levelers. All our dock levelers are designed to satisfy the key performance parameters; viz., Safety, Reliability, Productivity, Operational Ease and Low Life Cycle cost making it the first choice in the market place. The Kelley® and Serco® platforms are robotically welded for uniform production, repeatability and maximum performance. The platform sizes are available from 6 feet to 10 feet and the capacities ranging from 25,000 to 80,000 pounds.

Loading Dock Equipment

Kelley® and Serco® Dock Levelers enable the safe and efficient transfer of material / goods by bridging the gap between the loading dock and the trailers in inbound and outbound areas of a manufacturing or warehousing facility.

Heavy-Duty Dock Bumpers

The Kelley® Heavy-Duty Dock Bumpers are the most durable and ensure the facility wall does not get damaged by the reversing vehicle.

Sectional Dock Doors

A broad range of specialty sectional doors to reduce door maintenance costs and minimize energy loss at the loading dock.


Edge-Of-Dock is a platform mounted to the edge of a building wall to assist loading/unloading of trailers in a limited working range

Mechanical Dock Levellers

Air-Powered Dock Levellers

Hydraulic Dock Levellers

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