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Solar Fruit and Vegetable Dryer

Excess Renew Tech have reached a paramount status in supplying best solar fruits and vegetables dryer throughout India. Our goal to make a promising contribution for the agriculture industry compelled us to deliver the most beneficial solar dryer for agricultural products. Our solar dryer is created with the highest standards to meet the market demands.

For centuries humans use to sun dry fruits and vegetables to increase the shelf life of the produce. Sun drying is a simple natural technique, but while drying you may have to face several challenges and animal threats to obtain something useful from it. The time taken and quantity dried is also a concern when you dehydrate the produce by sun drying method.

In India, there is plentiful of produce available during the harvesting season from which the farmers could see the profit for only half of it. The rest will be left to rot and go down as a waste in the field itself because of the demand and the margins set by traders. But, in recent times the demand for natural foods have been increased, people had started to look for and consume quality organic foods. So, crop drying became a significant step in the food production system, where both fruit and vegetable is dessicated to get protected from infestations, decomposition etc. and preserved for later use.

Most of the technologies existing today are invented to solve the problems and answer the demands, just as like that the process of sun drying is now turned into solar drying. At present, Solar drying is the most efficient technique of drying in which the process can be carried out in a controlled environment and the rate of drying also can be managed. This helps to speed up drying and dry food hygienically.

The solar fruit dryer and solar vegetable dryer was introduced to eliminate the complexity of sun drying and replace the traditional drying methods which usually cost the farmers more time and money. Solar dryer simplifies the entire process of drying, and thoroughly removes the moisture content of the fruits and vegetables. Our solar fruits and vegetables dryer is suitable for drying most of the food crops, and comes in many shapes and sizes which also can be customized according to needs.

Drying fruits and vegetables through solar dryer conserves the flavour and potency for an extended period of time. Usually fruit or vegetable will be cut down into pieces and dried on a flat surface like racks or trays covered with cheesecloth. This protects the food from the vagaries of wind, insects, and birds to enhance and maintain the food quality. Dried fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf-life under proper storage conditions. Transportation, handling and storage costs are substantially lowered.

The solar dryer is also available for drying variety of crops such as Coconut, Chillies, Turmeric, Spices, Grains, Rosemary, Medicinal crops & Amla.

Benefits of using Solar Fruits & Vegetables Dryer

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