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Solar Street Lights

Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd has a wide range of energy-efficient LED Solar Street Lights. These lights works on the principle of consuming solar energy during daytime and providing light at dark. They are equipped with automatic ON and OFF sensors. Solar street light uses the energy of the sun making it safe and environment-friendly.

Why Solar Street Light?

Solar Street Light - Conventional Solution

Solar Street Light

Zonstreet Solution

World’s most innovative Solar LED Outdoor Light.

Solar Street Light - Zonstreet solution

Zonstreet Models

Product name Lux Levels Distance between lights Conventional light Equivalent local LED (W) Solar Panel (W)
ZONSTREET-LI1 13@3.5m 8 to 10m 20W CFL 7 To 9W 14
ZONSTREET-LI2 21@3.5m 8 to 10m 40W Tubelight 12 to 15W 26
ZONSTREET-LI3* 34@3.5m
8 to 10m 2x40W Tubelight 18 to 21W 35
ZONSTREET-LI4+* 37@5m sensor ON
25@6m sensor ON
10 to 15m 70W 36 to 40W 50
ZONSTREET-LI5+* 37@6m sensor ON
27@7m sensor ON
12 to 18m 150W 45 to 50W 60
ZONSTREET-LI6+* 37@7m sensor ON
28@8m sensor ON
14 to 20m 200W 60 to 65W 75

* GSM Option Available

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