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Solar Chilli Dryer

Solar dryer decrease the drying time and improve the quality of dried chilli. Various types of solar dryers are used for drying chillies.

Excess Renew tech is the leading supplier of various types of solar dryers in India. Our solar dryers are ultimately constructed to be appropriate for drying chillies under controlled environment as well as to improve and maintain the quality of the chillies.

Chillies are highly versatile provides the flavour and spiciness to numerous dishes. It gives us several advantages like helps to burn down the fat, makes us to sweat and cools the body, provides relief from the the blood pressure issues, contains various antioxidants, and it is a rich source of spicy-hot capsaicin. To enjoy its flavour and potency for long time even when the harvesting period is over, the chosen chillies should be dried in a clean environment. And, to obtain commercial benefits, the chillies preserved can be sold to the market in various forms such as powdered, flakes or even in the dessicated raw form throughout the year.

Traditionally, the chillies harvested from plants are carefully chosen based on their maturity and quality for dehydration. Then the sun drying process is carried out in an open yard for around 1-2 weeks that is very slow, unhygienic and provides us less produce due to breakage and loss of seeds. The chillies also should not hold the moist for long time, as it leads to the mould development that spoils it. At times moulds even yields poison called aflatoxin, which is harmful to us and makes the chillies unusable. So dehydration must be done quickly, but it is quite infeasible in sun drying. To overcome these kind of difficulties in conventional methods, now-a-days people in the agricultural industry had began to prefer solar chilli dryers.

Solar dryer eliminates inessential moisture content from the produce by its absolute dehydrating method. It maintains the originality of the chillies in terms of both color and taste. Solar dryers provides total safety from the bird or animal droppings, dust and dirt etc. It reduces the time consumed for drying from weeks to days and improves the quality of a dried chilli.

At present, various types of solar chilly dryers are used in the agricultural industry. The Chilli dryer is selected based on the climatic conditions during the harvest time and the planned end use of the chillies. In some cases direct type solar dryers are employed where the chillies are directly exposed to the solar energy, and in highly humid conditions the chillies may not be able to dehydrate quickly. In such cases indirect solar dryer is used where they are not exposed to the solar energy instead the air is heated by the radiation and made to flow in to the tunnel. There are other solar chilli dryers also available which follows other alternative methods of solar drying, but every solar dryer is advantageous in their own way for the circumstances.

The solar dryer is also available for drying variety of crops such as Fruits, Vegetables, Coconut, Turmeric, Spices, Grains, Rosemary, Medicinal crops & Amla.

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