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Solar Dryer

Clean & Hygiene drying Fungus attack, dust can be avoided using Solar dryer Temperature & Humidity controlled Faster drying with Constant temperature 80% less drying time (For copra) Compared to open drying & Usage of chemicals is avoided Oil yield in copra is increased by almost 10% Available in various sizes depending upon customer requirement in drying Uses very Less labour User friendly Can be used even in monsoon season Can be used for variety of crops such as Coconut, Chillies, Turmeric, Spices, Grains, Rosemary, Medicinal crops & Amla

Drying behaviour of agricultural crops during drying depends on:

Solar Dryer for Agri Applications

Agriculture is the main source of livelihood in India. One of the most commonly used methods for preserving Foods & preventing agricultural product is Drying. Solar Tunnel drying is an efficient system of utilizing solar energy. Drying of agricultural product is an energy intensive operation. Our solar tunnel dryers are more efficient, hygienic and keep the crops safe from damage and insects.

Solar Dryer Materials

The Solar Dryer consists of different parts such as Drying chamber, collecter area and Chimney.

Solar Shed for drying Fruits and Vegetables

The solar dryer is suitable for drying of most of the food crops. It can be used to speed up drying and to dry food hygienically. Solar dryer that uses the heat of the sun to dry fruits and vegetables. Solar dryers come in many shapes and sizes.

Fruit or vegetables are usually dried on a flat surface such as racks or trays covered with cheesecloth or in a solar dryer to protect the food from the vagaries of wind, insects, and birds.

The major advantages of drying fruits and vegetables are:

Solar dryer for Coconut (into copra)

We provide solar dryer to converting coconuts into copra. The quality of copra would be ensured and protected from dust and rain.

The advantage of using a solar dryer is that it ensures uniform heating during day and night hours with controlled humidity, fully protected from dust, rains and other damages.

Solar dryer for Chilli drying

Solar dryer decrease the drying time and improve the quality of dried chilli. Various types of solar dryers are used for drying chillies.

Application of Solar Tunnel Dryer

To dry Copra, Vegetables, Leafs, Moriga, Spinage, Spirulina, Fruits, Moringa leaves, Other Industrial Applications, Other Custom industrial Users.

Day Time Solar / Night time Drying possibility of Heat Pump, Bio-Mass Hot air Generation System.

Advantages of solar dryers

Solar Hybrid Tunnel Dryer

Specification & Price Details

Specification ( W x L ) Prices
12 x 20 feet 1.25 L (Approx)
12 x 30 feet 1.75 L (Approx)
12 x 60 feet 2.05 L (Approx)

Solar Tunnel Dryer

Solar Tunnel Dryer

Dryer using Natural sunlight

Solar Tunnel Dryer with Heat Pump

Solar Tunnel Dryer with Heat Pump

Dryer using Natural sunlight with Heatpump - 24hrs working

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