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Solar Dryer

Agriculture remains one of the mainstays of the Indian economy. While it provides for the most important ingredient of livelihood and living, yet many seem to think otherwise. And this feeling is transferred to the technologies used in the industry. One of them is crop drying. Crop drying is a necessary step in the food production system. Without adequate drying, a crop would quickly give way to mould infestations and rotting. With drying in the traditional system farmers lose out on time and money. So what does one do? Simple enough. Choose a Solar Dryer (Drying Equipment).

Excess Renew Tech is one of the leading Solar Dryer Suppliers in India. Solar Dryers work using the Green House Effect. It mainly consists of semi-cylindrical tunnel structure with UV stabilized sheet and a Biomass chamber (if required). Hence it is also known as Solar Tunnel dryer. Up to 60OC temperature is raised inside tunnel dryer during day time and approx 500-55OC during night time with the use of biomass hot air generation system.

The RH (Relative Humidity) while drying is also maintained by using RH sensors which can be set by the user. Farmers are delighted because it increases the productivity. Reduces the cost of drying and assures faster return of investment (ROI). It has a stabilized and determined output with lesser risk and maintenance. There is a standard income for farmers irrespective of climatic conditions. The usage of chemicals is avoided, it is temperature controlled, user friendly, improves efficiency and quality and most importantly, increases profitability.

Solar Tunnel Dryer
Solar Tunnel Dryer with Heat Pump
Solar Tunnel Dryer

Solar Hybrid Tunnel Dryer

Solar tunnel drying with bio mass hot air generation system is also known as Solar Hybrid Dryer.

Benefits of Solar Hybrid Dryer

Solar Dryer Materials

The Solar Dryer consists of different parts such as Drying chamber, collecter area and Chimney.

Excess Renew Tech provides the following with customization:

Excess Renew Tech is one of the leading Solar Dryer Suppliers in this part of the world with an exhaustive list of satisfied customers.

Solar Tunnel Dryer

Solar dryer for Coconut (Copra)

We provide solar dryer to converting coconuts into copra. The quality of copra would be ensured and protected from dust and rain. The advantage of using a solar dryer is that it ensures uniform heating during day and night hours with controlled humidity, fully protected from dust, rains and other damages.

Solar dryer for Chilli Drying

Solar dryer decrease the drying time and improve the quality of dried chilli. Various types of solar dryers are used for drying Chillies.

Solar Shed for drying Fruits and Vegetables

Solar dryers come in many shapes and sizes and can be customized according to needs. Fruit or vegetables are usually dried on a flat surface such as racks or trays covered with cheesecloth or in a solar dryer to protect the food from the vagaries of wind, insects, and birds. Dried fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf-life under proper storage conditions. Transportation, handling and storage costs are substantially lowered.

Solar Dryer

The solar dryer is suitable for drying of most of the food crops. It can be used to speed up drying and to dry food hygienically. Solar Dryers can be used for vegetable drying (such as chilli drying), fruit drying - almost every kind of drying using non-hybrid or hybrid dryers. The Dryers can be used for variety of crops such as Coconut, Chillies, Turmeric, Spices, Grains, Rosemary, Medicinal crops & Amla.

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