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Solar Daylighting System Specifications

The LightpipeTM Solar lighting system constitutes the following components:


The Light Capture System has two components.

Sunlight Collector Dome

Sunlight Capture System - Sunlight Collector Cover
S.No Parameters Specification
1 Sunlight Collector Dome The Transparent, Clear dome allows light to be collected across the sky from all directions.
2 Shape It should be moulded, Single Piece, Dome Shaped.
3 Material Clear, Transparent polycarbonate.
4 Thickness To be formed out of 3mm thick clear polycarbonate sheet.
5 UV Coating thickness for Raw material Sheet. 80 Microns for High UV resistance.
6 UV Block Upto 99% (UV A & B)
7 Impact Strength 600-800 J/M (ASTM D256)
8 Flame Retardancy Limiting Oxygen index LOI -25(ISO 4589 ASTMD 2863)
9 Light Transmission 83% Test Standard
10 Heat Resistance Temperative 45° - 150° Celsius (DIN 53460) (VICAT VST / B)
11 Thermal Conductivity 0.21 /m°c (DIN 52612)

Light management System

Enhanced light collection for lower sun angles (Early Morning & Evening) with Skyshade Light management system.

Benefit: Extended Daylighting hours & Uniform lighting.

S.No Parameters Specification
1 Light deflection panels Transparent, clear, PMMA with Light deflecting angels more than light incidence angles
2 Light Transmission 90%
3 Panels Fastening Mechanical polymer push buttons system.


S.No Parameters Specification
1 Diameter 750mm / 530mm / 400mm / 300mm
2 Shape Cylindrical Shape
3 Material Aluminum
4 Total Reflectivity For LPR 750mm - 95%
And LPR 530mm / 400mm / 300mm - 98%"
5 Material Thickness Not less than 0.4 mm
6 Protection Film PE foil not UV Resistant
7 Bends 90° Bend & 45° Bend
8 Universal Roof Adopter Two piece, Adjustable, universal roof adopter of standard length (570mm - 600mm)
9 Adjustable angle 0° - 30° pitch angle of roofs. For angle 30°, customer to specify

External Cladding

If the light pipes are exposed to atmosphere External cladding is provided by galvanized iron sheet (GI) cladding enclosing the reflective pipes inside with holding wall clamps. The Pipes should be crimped circumferentially to slip one into another and along the vertical length for overlap jointing of not less than 25mm. Pipes to be joined with aluminum Riveting and closed with Aluminum tape of 50mm width and 50 microns thickness.


S.No Parameters Specification
1 Shape It should be moulded, Single piece flat / Dome Shape
2 Material Polycarbonate Clear Bright Prismatic bright or Pigmented opal White (Soft white )

Clear Bright Diffuser

Soft White Diffuser

3 Thickness To be formed out of 2mm thick material
4 Light Transmission Not less than 80%
5 Diffuser Ring Injection molded ABS plastic ring - white color.
6 Glazing Double glazed
7 Second Glazing Diffuser double glazed with 1.0mm thick clear polycarbonate with 90% Light Transmission
8 Diffuser to pipe fixing Locking button provision of pipe into the diffuser ring with silicon seal

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