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Solar EPC Solutions

Energy in India is an important and costly part of all business endeavors. So it makes sense to those who are very dependent on energy to find alternate sources that can reduce your overheads. If you are in any part of India with enough sun, with sufficient land (or roof!) and can make upfront investment (through in-house or external sources), then you can install a solar power plant in your premises and become self-sufficient (or partly). A Solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) Solution will help you in the entire process.

Operation & Maintenance services

Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd has a full fledged EPC team that can assist you in setting up a high-quality solar plant from the groundwork to operation as the case may be. Simply put our team surveys your needs and requirements and does all that is required.

The turnkey EPC solution includes handling the entire project, from studying site feasibility to quality and safety, to plant commissioning. We undertake site surveys, monitor weather conditions, power generation capacity, etc. We then work on design and construction, source the equipment from reputed suppliers, implement and integrate operations and ensure trouble free maintenance.

Excess Renew Tech engineers construct and assemble the entire solar solution, which is customized as per client and the site requirements. We ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime through impeccable 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. This is based on our records with past and ongoing contracts.

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