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Solar Power Plant Solutions

The passion to give back something to the world we live in made us form this company. EXCESS hosts a range of products, which we hope you will find it interesting. We have an expertise to design fully integrated and customized solar power plant solutions across Tamil Nadu. Excess Renew Tech Private Limited has developed and commercialized unique solar power solutions customized for each application.



Solar power plant for residents Under Subsidy Scheme.



Solar power plant for Commercial sectors, Institutions and Medica Sector Under Subsidy Scheme



Solar power plant for Industries both CAPEX and OPEX models

Why Excess ?

 Wide experience across various industries, having ability to give wide ranging solutions for conserving energy. Have extensive contacts with Energy Auditors, Institutions for conducting surveys and offering solutions to customers.

 Good in-house design team for Solar solutions. We go that extra mile to prove energy savings to customers.

 Our R&D team continuously innovates to find solutions to conserve energy in various fields. Timely execution of projects and great after sales support.


Solar Energy conservation Capability

Focused on the latest technology on Solar and other Energy conservation methods.

Solar Energy Capability - Team of Engineers

Team of Engineers, especially in the areas of design and execution of projects.

Solar Energy Capability - Advisors

Have experienced EB people as advisers regarding statutory compliance.

Solar Energy Capability - Consultants

Experienced consultants are working with ERTPL on Large scale projects.

Rooftop Solar Plant - Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd
Rooftop Solar Power Plant - Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd
Rooftop Solar Plant Solutions - Excess Renew Tech Pvt Ltd

About Us

Excess Renew Tech Private Limited is engaged in providing energy conservation products and generating energy through renewable means.

EXCESS RENEW TECH PRIVATE LIMITED has leveraged on the recent improvements in solar panel efficiencies, advent of efficient high brightness LEDs, depreciation benefits, the role of carbon credits and government subsidies to make solar driven systems economically feasible


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