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Domestic - Residence Solar Rooftop on Your House


Excess Renew Tech Private Limited is engaged in providing energy conservation products and generating energy through renewable means.

Empanelled Vendor Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA)

Rooftop solar power can meet up to 50% of your home requirements. Your home will be seen as a trendsetter and early adopter of solar power under SUBSIDY SCHEME from TamilNadu Government.

The demand for energy is rising everyday and so are the energy costs. Hence businesses are looking at alternative ways of producing energy. One of the natural available energy sources is the Solar Energy.

It provides an efficient way to power the house. And it also enables the use the building’s rooftop space in an efficient way.

Cost Effective:

Using solar energy works out cheap and is much more reliable compared to using traditional resources. It provides much greater returns in the long run less than 5 years.


Solar panels provide a 25+ years of long life with very little maintenance needed.

Reduced Energy Bills:

Using Solar Energy helps reduce the utility bills with Higher ROI and greater savings.

Efficient Roof Space Utilization:

Use the roof space to the fullest extent to produce energy in an efficient manner.

Contribute To Nature:

Switching over from diesel generators to natural energy source helps you to contribute to the nature. (By reducing carbon emissions.)

Tax Savings:

Enjoy the benefit of reduced taxable income for solar installation.

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